I fear for our country.  The sudden surge in xenophobic crime is not something I recognise.  I’ve donated to those affected but I fear I’m staying within the narrative of metropolitan elite helping the Other before the British working class.  The likely next PM (Theresa May) will steady the boat but do nothing for our class divisions.

I fear for our economy.  My previous job was as a Python developer.  On my team there was an Latvian, a Pole, an Italian, a Greek and finally two Britons.  The two Britons were the least experienced.  If British technology companies suddenly lose 60% of their workforce they will perish.  A similar story holds for the NHS.  A similar story holds for our financial services.  We cannot afford the worst-case scenario.

I fear for our democracy.  I’ve stopped acting like a Millenial and have signed up to pay for the Financial Times (£1/month via Google Play Newsstand), the Guardian, the New Statesman and the New European (£2/issue, 4 issues only).  Diverse media is vital for democracy.