The following map overlay shows the current and proposed Cycle Superhighways in London and the Cycling Quietway that together make up the Central London Cycling Grid as of Apr 2019. This map has an intention similar to that of OpenCycleMap.  Cycle Superhighways are cycle routes, around half of which are physically separated from traffic by a kerb or by another barrier; Quietways are quieter roads.  I compiled this overlay because it took me around three hours to work out how to cycle to work and I wanted it to be more generally available.  The routes are approximate; sometimes Google Maps didn't let me plot a cycle route going the "wrong way" down a one-way road for motor vehicles.  Do not use this map to navigate.  Cycling in London kills around 14 people each year.

Expand the embedded map below to see route names, or open the map in Google Maps.

It's unacceptable that in 2019 TFL invites you to send off for a free paper guide to cycling in London rather than making the information directly accessible so navigation apps can use it. I understand that making these maps is hard -- so why push it on to us cyclists?

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