David Cameron claims Jeremy Corbyn is a ‘threat to national security’.  Beautiful.  Perfect!  How long has it been since a leader of either political party has admitted that their opponent was a credible threat and has real differences of opinion with them?  Miliband was always referred to as part of ‘Labour’, with a sneer on the part of whichever Tory minister was speaking at the time, and before that the last election was when Brown, Clegg and Cameron all shuffled about onstage and looked like sacks of cannonballs, feathers and potatoes respectively.  When Blair and Brown were in power the Tory leader was always a joke, either a vampire, the Quiet Man Who Turned Up The Volume, or that other one I can’t even remember.  William Hague.  I had to go look it up.

God, I feel hopeful.  Jeremy Corbyn, as a vegetarian, will never be caught eating a bacon sandwich.  He will never look like he’s about to cry in a leader’s debate.  Click on that link above to go to the Independent and you’ll see the face of politics for the next five years in this country — a rotund man in a nice suit with over-coiffed hair trying to project physical menace.  Meanwhile Sadiq Khan, the son of a bus-driver from a council estate, will face off against millionaire Zac Goldsmith for the mayoral election, and Corbyn in shorts looks like he’s about to throw a brick through your window in the middle of the night.

Corbyn has real fire inside him, and I cannot wait for PMQs.  For the first time in my lifetime, both parties have leaders that aren’t dire, and they both know the other is not dire, and the gloves are going to come off.  There’s going to be fireworks.  Corybn is going to demand why Cameron wasn’t at the refugee rally, and Cameron is going to say Corbyn is a dangerous nutcase, and they’re going to shout about economics, and I cannot wait, I absolutely cannot wait.