I saw the trailer for Grey Goo, a real-time strategy game, and bought it.  It’s excellent.  An innovative re-imagining of the genre coupled with an excellent storyline.

Grey Goo has three races:  Beta, who can quickly build large numbers of artillery units, Human, who have excellent base defenses and high-damage, low-armour units, and Goo.  Beta and Human are both nice examples of RTS races, but oh man the Goo.

Beta and Human: you have a base with a Headquarters, a refinery, and factories for your units.  It’s a really good example of the genre.  A flat tech tree means you don’t get lost in a thousand options; it really feels like a strategy game rather than an optimisation game.

Goo: you play freakin’ nanomachines.  What’s a base?  You don’t have a base.  You flollop around like a gooey mothafucka.  You want to build units?  What are you, a non-goo entity?  Goo splits in two to make more Goo.  No factory required.  You want to know how many resources you have?  Goo doesn’t have resources, sucker.  There’s just the amount of Goo.

It’s beautiful.  Human and Beta units can’t cross mountain ridges – but Goo can, cause it just flows over.  If you flow over an enemy tank, you take damage but absorb it into yourself – its health gets added to your mass.  You don’t harvest Catalyst (resources), you just lie on top of the Catalyst vent.  Goo can produce specialised units immediately (if you have enough Goo), making your strategies very flexible.

Then there’s the storyline: really, really good.  Great voice acting.  Great video.  I’d never seen a Scottish robot before, but now I have.  First major character sounded South African, too, was lovely to hear such a varied cast.  The characters aren’t flat archetypes, there’s hints of big political struggles in the background (but nothing to get in the way of the plot), it even passes the Bechdel test if you count M.O.M. as female.

Good game.  I don’t even play games – this was a chance buy from seeing the trailer online.  Good trailer.