I’m sick of losing.  I’ve lost every political fight since 2010.  The AV referendum: lost.  The 2015 election: lost.  The Brexit referendum: lost.  I only ‘won’ in 2010 because I love coalitions.


  • The economy has finished its initial plunge but is in a bad state.
  • The areas which voted Leave most strongly are those areas which receive EU subsidy because they are poorest.  I expect these areas to be hit hardest by the coming recession.
  • Britain is about to get poorer, but our divisions are about to get worse.  Risk of fascism.

My response:

  • Wrote a handwritten letter to my MP asking him to block Brexit.  It is elitist to ignore a referendum outcome, but Brexit will hurt everyone, the poorest hardest.  Handwritten letters count the most: emails to your MP are near worthless.  If you write to your MP, write a handwritten letter and post it.
  • Taking paid subscriptions to progressive traditional media.  Can’t countenance not contributing any more; the media narrative this time round was too poisonous.  Please do same.
  • Continuing my political party subscriptions.  None of them inspire me currently, but it gives me voting rights so I’ll continue to affect the political conversation that way.

I don’t have the energy to campaign directly.  Automatable suggestions welcome.