I’ve written up a new short vignette (circa 500 words) in the style of Orwell’s observational fiction, based on my local pub.  There’s a bizarre effect whereby an author who has authored one of the classic novels of a century has the rest of their novels promoted by association — not to the same status of a classic, but to the sort of status where the BBC will make an adaptation of one of them at least once every three years.  I’m also having mild writers block for my serial, Broadcast In Heaven, so anything I can write at the moment is a big plus.

In fact, because this was purely descriptive and entirely based on fact, I think this could be another potential route around writer’s block.  So now I have two possible routes around writer’s block:

  • research-and-a-change-of-location, and
  • emotive description of a real place.

These are similar ideas: abdicating responsibility for the story moving forwards in favour of adding depth.  This feels a lot like the mental hook I have that makes me stop in improv scenes to try to re-establish connection.

The vignette is here: Orwell’s Eyes.