Two years ago I booked concert tickets to see Ocean Colour Scene at the Roundhouse in London. The gig was rescheduled due to COVID-19. Since then, Godaddy broke my email catch-all with no warning. They did this by migrating me to an Outlook backend with no opt-out. Outlook don’t support catch-alls “for security”. (Translation: we don’t want to support this and need an excuse to hide behind).

I’m emailing the Roundhouse to ask if I can have the ticket email address updated. This post is to say I still control the domain. I had a local backup of the emails but my hard drive died. This was unlucky, but the gig is happening two years after I booked the tickets.

As I write this I’m listening to Saturday, by Ocean Colour Scene, their 2010 album. I think I bought this after seeing them in 2010! I still have the mug I bought from that gig! It broke when I opened a cupboard but I stuck it back together. I used food-safe resin and food-grade gold-leaf to make a little Kintsugi Ocean Colour Scene cup.

Even the name of my domain,, is from an Ocean Colour Scene song. It’s an acronym of Thinking of a Different world. This is the refrain from Ocean Colour Scene’s Traveller’s Tune.

I love Ocean Colour Scene and hope I can see them again this December!