New story: Precinct 11, 10:28pm

So, I’ve discovered at work that there are others who want to learn to write good and maybe do other stuff good too. This means I suddenly have a writing group that meets physically and discuss our work!  Consequently I’m hopeful that my writing shall become clearer.  We’ve arranged a tutor to come and teach us as well.

This one is a writing exercise of ‘dialogue only’ after we had a discussion about the balance between dialogue and description last week.  I had specific questions I asked for feedback on:


  • Where is the story set and what are the characters doing?
  • How do the two physically-present characters feel about one another?
  • The most obvious character who is not present — why are the characters who are present interested in them?

I was worried these questions were quite restrictive and specific, with obvious answers, so I was pleasantly surprised to find that I got a spread of answers that were distributed evenly around my intentions, and knowing this let me clarify some points.  It’s as Professor McIntyre wrote: be twice as explicit as you need to be.

That link again is Precinct 11, 10:28pm.  Enjoy!