I now have a job that is fulfilling in creative ways and a reasonable work-life balance.  My improv is progressing (Game Face are performing twice this week).  I have cats!

What now?  I’ve been reading and have realised that my PhD left me with a really high tolerance for dense, unreadable prose – so reading textbooks for fun is now a thing that can possibly happen.  I have recently read

and at the top of my reading stack is Improvise: Scene from the Inside Out recommended by Paul Foxcroft.  I’m proud to be part of Game Face and I want to share our work with a wide audience – and currently that means upskilling to find out how to help that in coming about.

Here are some sentences, none of which are from the above textbooks:

“On the one hand education wants to be free, because when you teach someone something they can teach it to someone else.  On the other hand education wants to be expensive, because teachers have a miserable time of it.”

“When I was born the sun turned blood red for a day.”

“The Internet is a series of pipes.”

“We’re surfing on the Information Superhighway, and I feel fine.”