Cara Donnelly is a writer, an improviser and comedienne.  She has contributed to Diva magazine and Persephone magazine and directed Snow White: The Way Through The Woods, an orchestral melodrama in verse.  She has given invited improvised comedy workshops to the London Chameleons and The Young Actors Company, has a PhD in Astrophysics and has worked as a software developer.  She plays Go.

Standalone stories

  • The Ovum

    You were on your way home when you died. It was a helicopter accident - and quite an unusual one. Fatal, of course. You left behind... (read more)

  • Unspoken Thoughts

    "Okay, Captain," First Engineer Amelia Cruxtus drawled. "Greeting message loaded and ready for transmission." (read more)

  • Snowdrops

    Emma was dreaming of spring.  She and Jack had taken their first walk of the year down to the duckpond, ... (read more)

  • Not us, not us!

    Navya is crying angry tears. Her newest toy over the last few months has been a smartphone, ... (read more)

The Breathtaking Adventures of an Engineer Scientist

Professor Roberta Boyle is the only scientist ever elected to the Royal Society twice, which is impossible. She is about to start her greatest adventure yet.

  1. A Sunken Temple
  2. City of Intrigue