I don’t have the energy to write right now.

  • How would I create an alibi to steal some world-changing tech in a world where we can choose to store some memory in RAM, memory which is erased when we fall asleep?  Assuming other similar kinds of tech and understanding of the brain existed at that point, I would record to brain a memory of me refusing to get involved with the criminal organisation, walk to the door, then switch to RAM.  I’d commit the crime in a needlessly flamboyant way, double-cross the criminals, and head to one of my (preferably nine, grouped in three-groups-of-three for easy physical visiting) moral friends with whom I have over the course of the previous year arranged a protocol whereby we can meet both saving memories to RAM, with the intent of dumping them afterwards.  I would give one of these friends the world-changing tech, and instruct all friends (including the trusted one) to wipe their RAM and keep no evidence the police could find.  After that (assuming I evade capture) I return home and run a protocol which literally damages my brain in a way consistent with being hit on the head by the criminals.  The police arrive and arrest me, but all I have is a memory of saying ‘No’ and then blacking out – but nine of my associates all have RAM-gaps in their memory, so I’m plainly as guilty as hell, but from my living perspective I genuinely did not commit a crime.  No serious conviction possible.  Eventually my trusted friend gives me the schematic for how to reverse the brain damage I inflicted upon myself.

  • (From a conversation with CS) Imagine a world where uranium deposits are much more plentiful such as on Enceladus.  Instead of gas cookers we have uranium-suspension cookers – tiny nuclear reactors in every home.  How would this society interact with humans?  What abstractions of theirs would be different? Tiny nuclear reactors don’t work, by definition, so we abandon the concept of home – but as with gas it was initially cheaper to send the materials raw and then convert them to energy at the endpoint, so instead we have small nuclear reactors with a clan surrounding them.  These clans don’t move around – they’re around, say, 1000 people, the size of a small village.  We end up with a technological culture with a small-village rural mindset.  Discuss.