I used to be a lazy little sod, who would drink all night and sleep through all of her lectures.  My first year of university was basically one big hangover.  It was great.  Second year I learned to sit in the front row rather than the back row (but still slept), and in third year I learned I took things in a lot more if I colour-coded my notes on the fly – one black pen, one red pen, one blue pen, one green pen.  Blue for theorem headings, green for definitions, red for warnings or important points – the clack-clack-clack of me changing pens every sentence made a nice rhythm.

My habit of writing things down has stayed, and because I now have a handbag of sensible size I can take my journal everywhere I go.  So here is a list of troupes I have seen, and later today I will upload my Monkey Toast course notes so far.