TJ and Dave, improvisers so skilled they have a documentary about them, are going around Europe with Stefan Pagels Andersen, doing shows and teaching workshops.  Tickets for their show were sold out when I tried to buy, but I got a workshop place.  My notes are here.

Taking notes on workshops about emotional truth is difficult – you need to give detail or things don’t make sense, but I don’t want ever to give identifying details because those workshops are safe spaces.  Also you learn a lot by experience and in such a short period of time there’s not time to dedicate an exercise to each aspect that the teachers understand or conceptualise, so all the information comes in a fast stream that is very responsive to what has happened so far in the workshop.  This makes taking notes very difficult, and I’ve ended up with something approximating the style of Sanford Meisner On Acting – sort of half a transcript and half not.  I offer no guarantees, and I strongly recommend you seek them out, go to their shows, and study with them if you can.