A note on the word ‘cuck’, i.e. ‘cuckold’, popularised by supporters of President Elect Donald J. Trump. It’s starting to be used more widely.

It’s a damaging word. It critises people – men – for something their partner has done. Unfair! If someone cheats on you, that’s on them, not you. By using it as an insult, you say men should control their partners into not cheating. Insane! If someone cheats on you, walk away. It’s not worth it, and never one’s fault.

The insult is a political one, but its meaning includes sexual humiliation: the modern meaning of ‘cuckold’ is a man being sexually gratified by watching a superior man pleasure his partner. The insulter is saying the following:

  • You are inferior,
  • Your situation is humiliating, and
  • You are complicit in and enjoying being humiliated.

The implication is that the troubles in people’s lives is their fault and that they should feel ashamed of them. I encourage you to dissuade people from using this word.

Further notes

There is also ‘cuckquean’ which dates back to 1562. ‘Cuck’ could reasonably be a contraction of that word too. The comments above broadly apply with the genders reversed. The abrupt structure above is my trying out of Trump’s style.