I’d like to understand how to attract more people to reading my fiction.  SilverWood Books recommend taking a few books from your shelf in the appropriate genre and rewriting them to be about your story.   They stress you can’t use these blurbs — that would be plagiarism — but they are amazingly fun to read, and the exercise has shown me just how exciting and important a well-written blurb is.  So here is one of the results of that exercise:

Based on the blurb from The Rings Of Time — Greg Cox (Star Trek)

1992 Gerhard Fuchs, a student at Kaiserslautern University of Technology, was working on distributed consensus algorithms — the art of finding the truth and exposing hidden liars.  But the building begins whispering to him — as do the prayers of his classmates.  And when Gerhard attempts to understand just what it is he is hearing, he finds himself suddenly flung across the world in a terrifying journey of intrigue and deceit.

2000 The psychic hackers gain control of Rio de Janeiro, and everything gets much worse.  Hiding in the shadows, they are grasping at control of a force more powerful than humanity has ever dared tap, threatening the fundamental building blocks of humanity itself.  Struggling to survive in a world teetering on a political knife-edge, Maria Pilar Etxarte gathers up the scattered remnants of the Free Thinkers for one last stand in the stronghold of Finland.  But when a traitor is discovered in their midst, Maria abruptly finds herself in disguise and on the run, with only her medical expertise and telepathic powers to hide her… or reveal her to her foes.

Two armies.  Two master spies.  And a psychic crisis that spans the entire globe…